Online watercolour workshops - Intro

Watercolour workshops

Join me for a creative workshop online and discover a relaxed approach to painting that focuses on play and exploration. Using simple techniques, my aim is to demystify the painting process, giving you the confidence to find your own unique way of painting. You’ll be encouraged to trust in your feelings, noticing the things which inspire you, your favourite colours and the way you use your brush.

The workshops are a relaxed and supportive environment for you to explore your creativity. Maybe you want to try something new, reignite a passion for painting you had a long time ago, or try some new techniques. Perhaps you want to take time offline and make something with your hands. Painting truly is for everyone and you don’t need to have any special kind of talent or experience to find the joy in it!

Nurturing your creativity is a great way to switch off from your normal routine, and think about things in a different way. Spending a few hours focusing on shape, colour, and composition will help you to be in the moment and you might be surprised by how it can inspire a creative approach elsewhere – such as experimenting with your cooking or giving your lounge a fresh lick of paint.