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Hello, I'm Michelle

At the heart of everything I make is a love of nature, people and places. I believe that our stories and special moments can be told through painting, as a keepsake to share or have for home. I love nothing more than to make something that brings joy or inspires wonderful memories.

With painting I aim to capture the feeling and colour of nature and buildings, using a palette of uplifting, spring like colours. Alongside this expressive approach is a meticulous attention to design details, and finished stationery printed by experts in a small Somerset print studio.

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Sharing creativity

I'm a curious creative, and believe that art inspires free thinking, bringing about new ways of doing things elsewhere. Taking up painting can also lead to a more free-spirited approach with cooking, for example. I hope to inspire some of this curiosity in others, with watercolour classes in my home town, London.


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