About - artfully expressing your unique story

Artfully expressing your unique story

At the heart of everything I do is a love of nature, people, and places. I believe there’s something very special about expressing our stories and special moments in brushstrokes - and my clients are definitely looking for that little bit of magic for their wedding or home.

Style-wise, my watercolour illustrations are painted to give a feeling of harmony and uplift. Using bright clear colours, I paint with simple, often broad brushstrokes. The resulting look is something that is really quite timeless, a balance of traditional subjects with a contemporary feel. My clients also share my love of elegance and understated style, where quality is very important. This shows in the materials I use, from pigments to paper and printing.

I apply my signature watercolour painting style to a range of products for wedding and home, from characterful wedding invitations and distinctive venue illustrations, to meaningful house portraits and colourful original art.

How will you bring a burst of creativity into your life?