Where to find inspiration for your stationery suite

Where to find inspiration for your stationery suite

Looking for one of a kind stationery for your wedding? Bespoke illustrated invitations, menus, welcome maps, are a beautiful, personal way to make your celebration feel special and unique. It’s also the kind of detail that your guests will love.

As your wedding stationer I take time to understand your story, vision and all the details so special to you. Not sure where to start looking for inspiration? Here are five tips for a beautiful suite that you'll treasure for years to come:

The venue and location

You’ve booked a gorgeous venue in a beautiful part of the world, which means lots of wonderful inspiration for your wedding stationery! For example, an illustration of your French chateau wedding venue, or the gorgeous poolside villa in Sorrento. You can include cultural references with illustrations of local food, wine or flowers and really bring the region to life. These illustrations can be carried across your stationery from your wedding map to the menu.

amalfi coast wedding inspirationOr you can go for a more abstract approach for a more subtle look. A few simple brush strokes of watercolour can evoke the feeling of the sea or landscape, setting the scene for your wedding location. 

st tropez wedding inspiration


Your wedding location can also inspire the stationery colours. Think of an Amalfi coast wedding, and fresh lemon yellow fruit with azure blue seas comes to mind. A Provencal wedding can evoke scenes of lilac lavender fields and honey coloured stone. Do you want the colours to feel joyful, fresh and bright, or soft and romantic with more subtle hues? 

Your wedding style

Along with listing the date and location, your stationery can hint at the type of event you’re having. Will it be an informal and relaxed wedding, or glamorous and modern? Do you prefer a classical, minimal look with clean lines? You can reflect this style in the types of lettering or fonts you choose. Wedding flowers are a great source of inspiration and can bring a lovely decorative element to your designs. You may want to use your wedding colours or a motif, carrying them across your stationery. A floral pattern or wedding logo can feature on the invitations, menu and thank you cards to create a cohesive look. 

provencal wedding france

Your personal style and interests

Do you love the outdoors and travel, are you a city couple with a cute dog? Maybe all of those things! Illustrations can be sprinkled throughout to bring your personality into the stationery. Along with the key locations, a wedding map can show your journey as a couple. Illustrating your favourite local restaurants or towns can highlight the places most special to you.

wedding maps france

Printing and finishing

An invitation or save the date is the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding. How does it feel in their hands, will they untie a ribbon to open it? For a celebratory vibe with bold colour florals, digital printing is the way to go. For a touch of understated  luxury you may want to try letterpress printing, where words and images are embossed onto soft cotton paper. Accessories such as tassels, ribbons and wax seals add special finishing touches. You can also carry your motif through to the envelope liner with a printed design. 

south of france wedding stationery

Either way, it’s important that the stationery reflects you as a couple. A minimal suite can also have fun with illustrations sprinkled throughout. Being colourful doesn’t mean compromising on style or elegance. It’s all about letting your personality shine through.

Take a look at my portfolio here, and be inspired by the possibilities.

Have an idea for your own wedding stationery? I’d love to hear about your vision! Get in touch here

Where to find inspiration for your wedding stationery

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