Private Commissions - FAQ - text

Private Commissions - FAQ

Will the painting be made in landscape or portrait format?

The orientation of the painting will be chosen to best suit the shape of the building. So if your home is a bungalow, we'd go for landscape, if it's a terrace house, portrait is best.

What if my building doesn't fit the sizes available?

I'll size the paper to best fit your building, adjusting the paper height or width so the building fits perfectly in the middle.

Do you paint people or pets outisde the building?

Painted people and pets are not currently available.

Do you deliver to international addresses?

Yes! International shipping time will depend on where you are in the world. Shipping rates are from £13.50 international orders. Import taxes, duties and charges are not included. If you'd like a guide on pricing and delivery timings ahead of placing an international order, go to the Delivery and Returns page.

What kind of paper and paints do you use?

Paintings are made on artists quality, mid weight (150gsm) paper stock in bright white. It's made with 100% cotton, and has a textured finish. The paper is environmentally friendly, made with processes that safeguard natural habitats, using raw materials from sustainable sources. The watercolour paints are artists quality, retaining their colour vibrancy for years to come.

Are the paintings framed?

The paintings are not framed. If you'd like advice on framing, or where to look for suppliers and services (UK only), drop me a line at

I've placed my order, how long will it take to receive the painting?

Order delivery is 1-2 weeks after the digital layout is approved. Once your order is placed, I'll be in touch to give you an estimated delivery date.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Bespoke stationery orders are non-refundable after work on the project begins.

Can I see examples of other private commissions?

You can view previous commissions on the gallery page.