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Order Process

Wedding Stationery

1. After you’ve placed your stationery order, we’ll contact you via email to chat about the personalisation you require. Text can be sent over in a document such as Word or Open office. If you don’t have all the text finalised at this point, we can wait until everything is ready before proceeding to the text layout.

2. We’ll take your text and lay it out within the designs. Once in place, we’ll create a digital layout, called a proof, and send this over via email for you to check. We aim to have a digital proof ready within 7 days from receipt of full details.

3. You’ll have a look over the design proof, and make sure you’re happy with it. At this stage, it’s important to check all the details such as spelling, locations and names. If there are any errors or amends, email them to us and we’ll send a revised proof for you to check. Once the text is in place and you’re happy with how it looks, the design will be approved and sent to the printer in the West Country.

Please note that by approving your final proof you accept responsibility for the information and layout as shown. If errors are discovered after proof approval, we will charge for any reprints required.

4. We receive your prints back from the printers, and check each piece to make sure everything is perfect. The prints are then packaged beautifully and posted to you via tracked delivery.

5. You receive the prints and bring the finishing touches to your lovely wedding plans!
Delivery estimates are normally 2-4 weeks from approval of the design to arrival at your door.

Custom Portraits

1. After you’ve placed your portrait order, we’ll contact you via email to chat about the personalisation you require. You’ll send over the images of your building, or we can find an image of it online using Google. At this stage you can request details added or removed from the image. Things such as the removal of satellites on the roof, or adding flowers in the garden.

2. Michelle will create a digital layout of your building, so that you can see how it will fit on the painted page. This will be sent over via email for you to check and approve. You can request any changes at this stage and we’ll send over a revised layout. Once you’re happy with how things look, we move onto the final stage.

3. The portrait is painted by Michelle using gouache, a lovely opaque watercolour paint.

4. Your portrait is packaged in cellophane, with stiff backing board for extra protection, before being sent to you via tracked delivery.

5. You receive your painting and frame it for your wall, or gift it to a loved one.