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Building portraits - FAQ

Custom Building Portrait

Will the portrait be painted landscape or portrait – do I have a choice?

The orientation of the painting will be made to best suit the image. So if your building is a bungalow it would  look best as landscape, if the building is a terrace house, portrait is best. Before doing the painting, Michelle will send you a photo image of your building on the  size paper you’ve ordered, so you can have a look at how the building sits within  the page before it’s painted. If you’d like the orientation changed, just let Michelle know at this stage. Once this photo  is approved by you, no more changes can be  made.

Will the portrait have a blue sky – can I decide?
The portraits are painted with a blue sky/background where possible, however some buildings suit a white background. Where just a small  section  of sky is visible, a building is painted on a white background – such as a terraced house (as with the middle portrait on the image below). However, you are welcome to decide either way, just let Michelle know via email when you send over your building photo.

How many images do I need to supply, what size should they be?
In terms of size, the best images to work from are high resolution, above 1MB in size. We can also work from low resolution images, and a bit of imagination. Perhaps you don’t even have an image, that’s ok too. We can find the building on Google Streetview and see if your building is visible there.

With number of images, this all depends on the level of detail you’d like in the painting. If there are any details about the building that you’d like to include, but aren’t visible on the building photos, we can fix this too. Maybe you’d like to include a garden bench in the front garden. Simply search for ‘garden bench’ in Google, and find something that looks just like the one you’d like in the painting.

If you’d like to chat about your images before committing to a purchase, email and she’ll be happy to help.

What are the sizes on offer? What if my building  is an odd size or shape?
The sizes available are 6×8″, 8×10″and 10×12″. The painting is centered on the sheet, with a narrow white border around to allow for framing. Since the service is fully bespoke,  we can adapt the paper size if your building doesn’t quite fit into the dimensions on offer. As long as the size you require is a similar size as those currently on offer, there will be no extra cost to you for the resizing.

How long will the portrait take?
Due to the nature of this service, please allow 1-2 weeks turnaround time for Michelle to complete your portrait, unless otherwise stated on the product listing. You’ll be notified you once your order has been dispatched via signed-for delivery.

Will the portrait be shown  on social media or  used for any marketing by Roxwell Press?
Michelle uses social media to give a glimpse behind the scenes at Roxwell Press. This can include work in progress, or commissions completed. If you’d prefer Michelle not to show your portrait (in progress or completed), let her know when you email over your building image.

Who owns the copyright for the portrait? Can I use it for commercial purposes?
The copyright for the portraits remains with Roxwell Press, and it is not transferred to the buyers. The portrait is for personal use only, and  you’re welcome  to share on social media (with  a credit to Roxwell Press where possible :).
The portrait should not be resold, distributed or used for any kind of branding or marketing. If you’d like to use the image for commercial purposes, email us at