House portrait using Google images

I’m always very touched when people share the story of the house they’d like painted. And it feels very special to create something that will help tell their story. Homes are more than just bricks and mortar, they are places of memories and love. ⠀

Sometimes a house needs more than one portrait, for more than one person. This happy home was a place where family gathered, great times were had. This commission was inspired by a much loved grandmother, whose house was the focal point for the family. Sadly she passed away last Autumn, but those homely memories of her live on in hearts and minds.


Her granddaughter Lauren wanted a memento of this special home, to give to her mother and aunt. Lauren didn’t have her own photo of the house (many of us wouldn’t think to take a photo of our home, in its entirety, from the outside), but between Lauren’s memories and Google Street View, we were able to capture an essence of the house, enough so that the family could see the painting and evoke their own memories.

We began with the Street View images, and Lauren sent over a photo of a special planter that had been in her grandmother’s garden. Then, she recollected flowers colours and ornaments that she remembered from the garden and house, and searched online for photos of similar things. I collected these into a digital collage using Photoshop, lifted the colours to a warmhearted hue, and there we had the inspiration for the painting.

The paintings were so well received that other family members wanted one, and a series of 9 was painted. I loved painting these portraits. It feels very special, and privilege to have created something that reminds them of a treasured family home.

If you’d like to find out more about house portraits and how the order process works, head over to the shop.

x Michelle


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