DIY Marbled Notebook

Last week I showed you how to make some beautiful marbled paper, and now here’s a super easy technique for making a DIY marbled notebook.

All you need is:

  • A budget price notebook, any size
  • Scissors, cutting blade and cutting mat (or wooden board, to protect your work surface)
  • Tracing paper. Kitchen greaseproof paper also works fine if you don’t have tracing paper.
  • Marbled sheets of paper, made using this tutorial




1. Open out the notebook to the centre pages and remove the staples carefully, using a staple remover or knife. Put the staples and notebook paper to one side, you’ll be needing them later.

2. Take the notebook cover, and lay onto a sheet of tracing paper. Trace around the cover with a pencil, then cut out the shape you’ve drawn on the paper. This is your cover template.






3. Lay the cover template onto the sheet of marbled paper. You’ll be able to see the marble pattern underneath the sheet. Move the cover template around until you’ve found the area you’d like for the cover of your book.

4. Draw around the cover template, then cut out the shape you’ve drawn. Fold in half lengthways to create a crease, then open up again.






5. Take the original cover and lay this inside your marbled cover. Use a pencil to mark the staple holes – going through the original cover and onto the inside your marbled cover.

6. Use a pair of scissors or knife to make staple holes in the marbled cover.




7. Take the staples you removed in step 1, and place them into the holes you’ve just made in the marbled cover.

6. Carefully push the sheets of paper onto the staples, until all the sheets are in place. Then fold the staples back into the centre to secure the pages in place.



The pages can be a little fiddly to thread back onto the staples, and they may not be exactly flush to the sides of the notebook. But that’s all part of the unique look to this book, something special made by you.

I’d love to see your results, so do tag @roxwellpress on social media if you post any pictures!

x Michelle



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