Custom portrait painting

A few months ago I collaborated with Oh Comely, to win a custom portrait painting (you can read the previous post here). The idea behind the portrait was to picture someone in their element, doing something they love to do. Here below is the finished picture, of winner Poppy Goodheart (beautiful name) pictured here at home in Bristol.

Poppy described the things that feel most important to her. Major themes were her recent marriage, a career as an assistant producer at the BBC, time with family and friends, and home life in Bristol. One of Poppy’s favourite solo pastimes is sitting by the fire and reading or listening to podcasts.

From these elements a picture emerged, of her sitting in an armchair at home, surrounded by elements that hint at her wider life. In the picture frames on the wall we see a wedding photo, her hometown of Bognor regis, and a sunny snapshot with friends. On the shelves we see a radio and books which she loves to relax with, but also hint at her work life.  The cosy scene is completed with Babs the cat, basking in the warmth of the fire.

I loved this way of creating a picture, as a mini story of Poppy’s life. It also made me realise how much of who we are is in the things that surround us.

Scroll down to see the inspirations, initial sketch and final artwork.

x Michelle








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