Michelle teaches watercolour painting classes at Heal’sTea and Crafting, and Bears Ice Cream Company in London. The classes for beginners will give you the basics for exploring watercolour, using fun and easy techniques. Michelle will take you through the different materials that are available, give an introduction to colour mixing and exploring the magical effects of watercolour. This will give the essentials for creating simple shapes and strokes with your brush. You’ll be shown how different colours work together, and how you can use them to create a pretty abstract paintings.

The class is all about enjoying the effects of watercolour, and how these techniques can be applied to create a simple and colourful painting. You’ll take home a colour chart, some paintings, and the beginning of your new found skills with watercolour.

Here are the class dates for the next few months.

June 20th, 7pm (Tues)Tea and Crafting
July 9th, 10am (Sun)Bears Ice Cream Co
July 23rd, 11am (Sun)
Tea and Crafting
August 3rd, 6pm (Thurs)Heal's£30Buy
Aug 5th, 10am (Sat)Bears Ice Cream Co
Aug 30th, 7pm (Weds)Tea and Crafting
Sept 9th, 10am (Sat)Bears Ice Cream Co£40Buy
Sept 28th, 7pm (Thurs)Tea and Crafting£45Buy
Oct 1st, 10am (Sun)Bears Ice Cream Co£40Buy
Oct 7th, 11am (Sat)Tea and Crafting£45Buy

If you have any questions, please email michelle(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and Michelle will be happy to help.