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House portrait using Google images

House portrait using Google images

I’m always very touched when people share the story of the house they’d like painted. And it feels very special to create something that will help tell their story. Homes are more than just bricks and mortar, they are places of memories and love. ⠀
Sometimes a house needs more than one portrait, for more than one person. This happy home was a place where family gathered, great times were had. This commission was inspired by a much loved grandmother, whose …

Hand made paper making

While in Somerset recently, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Two Rivers Paper Company, and seeing how they make paper. The paper mill has been in operation since 1976, and since then has been perfecting their recipe to make watercolour paper, of the kind that Turner or Cotman might have used in the 19th century.
Two Rivers Co use flax, cotton and crystal clear Exmoor water – the purest materials to make this fine quality paper. I bought a pack …

Kitchen art studio


Hello spring! It’s so wonderful to see you again.
This is my favourite season of the year. Nature starts to bloom again, with vibrant greens and peachy blossom. There’s a magnolia tree on our street, and I just love seeing it at this time of year, it’s pink blooms lifting up in a bright blue sky.
I’ve been working on some new floral wedding stationery designs with a springtime feel. I wanted to free things up a bit, so set up an art studio camp in the kitchen. Working …

Custom portrait painting


A few months ago I collaborated with Oh Comely, to win a custom portrait painting (you can read the previous post here). The idea behind the portrait was to picture someone in their element, doing something they love to do. Here below is the finished picture, of winner Poppy Goodheart (beautiful name) pictured here at home in Bristol.
Poppy described the things that feel most important to her. Major themes were her recent marriage, a career as an assistant producer at …

Custom illustrated portrait of a special place


You don’t need to live in a place for it to become special. An obvious example of this would be a wedding venue. The bride and groom are there for hours (or perhaps days) and yet it will be forever golden in their hearts. But a special place can also be somewhere that you find simple joy in everyday life.
For blogger Lucy Gleeson it’s the beach near her home in Suffolk. “Having a bespoke portrait of my dog Sandy and I in Southwold …