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Autumn leaves screensaver


While walking in the park this morning, I was treated to a beautiful display of leaves gently falling from the trees. It was like golden confetti.
To capture that moment and hold it for a while, here’s a screensaver for your desktop and phone. Click on each gadget to download the image.
x Michelle

Oh Comely Feature + Win a Portrait of You


Oh Comely is a wonderful, playful and creative magazine. I’m a huge fan. The last issue featured a theme of letter writing, a subject close to my heart. One of the drivers to start Roxwell Press was to help preserve the art of hand-written correspondence. So I made an illustration to celebrate the issue and sent it to the magazine.
The editor loved the illustration, and fast forward to this week when the illustration was printed, …

Custom House Portraits Competition – winner!


Thank you so much to all those who took part in our competition to win a custom illustrated house portrait, also the lovely people who supported the competition on social media with retweets and shares. It means a lot!
So without further ado we’re very happy to announce the winner of a 10 x 12″ portrait is Deborah Harding – congratulations!
For those who didn’t win, stay tuned as there will be other competition opportunities in the coming months.
If you’d like to …