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DIY Marbled Notebook


Last week I showed you how to make some beautiful marbled paper, and now here’s a super easy technique for making a DIY marbled notebook.
All you need is:

A budget price notebook, any size
Scissors, cutting blade and cutting mat (or wooden board, to protect your work surface)
Tracing paper. Kitchen greaseproof paper also works fine if you don’t have tracing paper.
Marbled sheets of paper, made using this tutorial


1. Open out the notebook to the centre pages and remove …

DIY Paper Marbling – kit and technique


DIY paper marbling is great fun, and easy to do at home on your kitchen table. You’ll need to make an investment with a few key pieces of kit which can feel expensive. But it’ll set you up for lots of future sessions and after the first go, you will no doubt want to do more!
Here’s a list what you need to get started, including links of where to buy the more unusual items:

Methocel – available from specialist food shops such as

Making a painted backdrop for photography


Photography plays a vital role in defining a brand, and I’m always really interested in how brands use it to tell a story of their products. The photography style en vogue is flat lay – which is basically laying out a composition of objects onto a flat surface and photographing it from above. I love this style, it’s a lot like a collage but using objects instead of cut out shapes of paper.
One of my favourite instagrammers …

Simple ways to wrap a Christmas gift


I love all the nature inspired gift wrapping on Pinterest at the moment, showing really simple ways to wrap a Christmas gift. You can use any greenery lying around once you’ve decorated your home for the season, or ask a florist for greenery offcuts which they may give you for free. The pine branches in the image above came from our local garden centre – they are selling Christmas trees right now and were happy to give me offcuts …

Make a Tropical Paper Flower Lei

Make a Tropical Paper Flower Lei by lia griffith via roxwell press

If you are planning a little summer party what better way to enhance the sunshine feeling than a tropical paper flower lei. This simple tutorial by Lia Griffith shows you how to make a wonderful garland, using a colour scheme to match your outfit or theme. Also an individual flower can be used to decorate straws.
You’ll need 7 sheets of 120gsm coloured paper, approx 8’5 x 11′ in size. The lei pictured uses 2 sheets of each of the following colours: pink, purple, …