Creating a perfect home studio – guest blogger on 91 Magazine


Like many people who run their own creative business, I work from home. It’s a great way to avoid the costly overheads of studio rental, but has its challenges.
This week, I was delighted to feature as guest blogger on 91 Magazine, where I share my top tips for making your home environment work professionally, while keeping the place feeling homely. Do check out the other great articles on the blog (and new print issue), which covers all aspects of creative living. If you’re inspired by …

Watercolour wedding invitations


One of the shops in our neighbourhood keeps a display on their countertop, where locals can place their business cards. Does this kind of marketing work really work I wondered? Well, yes! A sweet couple had just moved into the area, about to get married, picked up my business card and hey presto.
Katy and James work in the fashion and music industries so have an eye for the fresh and modern. They were looking for something simple and painterly in …

Roxwell Press at Pulse London trade show

In May, Roxwell Press made it’s trade show debut at Pulse London, a design-led event that showcases new talent. It’s one of the smaller shows in London, and felt like a good place to begin, particularly with my home/studio location being a 20 minutes cycle ride to the venue at Olympia! It also gave the added bonus of lovely friends and family who came to show support or help out for a few hours. Having someone to (wo)man the …

Making a painted backdrop for photography


Photography plays a vital role in defining a brand, and I’m always really interested in how brands use it to tell a story of their products. The photography style en vogue is flat lay – which is basically laying out a composition of objects onto a flat surface and photographing it from above. I love this style, it’s a lot like a collage but using objects instead of cut out shapes of paper.
One of my favourite instagrammers …

An interview with Letters to Adeline


In the early stages of business there are so many things to consider. Not just what to create, how to create it and how can I bring this to the people who may want to buy it. Because really, it all starts with the ‘why’. Why do I want to create stationery, and why is that important.
The ‘why’ begins with human nature, and our need for connection. We are more connected than ever before in many ways, but can be in the …