DIY Paper Marbling – kit and technique


DIY paper marbling is great fun, and easy to do at home on your kitchen table. You’ll need to make an investment with a few key pieces of kit which can feel expensive. But it’ll set you up for lots of future sessions and after the first go, you will no doubt want to do more!
Here’s a list what you need to get started, including links of where to buy the more unusual items:

Methocel – available from specialist food shops such as

Autumn leaves screensaver


While walking in the park this morning, I was treated to a beautiful display of leaves gently falling from the trees. It was like golden confetti.
To capture that moment and hold it for a while, here’s a screensaver for your desktop and phone. Click on each gadget to download the image.
x Michelle

Oh Comely Feature + Win a Portrait of You


Oh Comely is a wonderful, playful and creative magazine. I’m a huge fan. The last issue featured a theme of letter writing, a subject close to my heart. One of the drivers to start Roxwell Press was to help preserve the art of hand-written correspondence. So I made an illustration to celebrate the issue and sent it to the magazine.
The editor loved the illustration, and fast forward to this week when the illustration was printed, …

Custom House Portraits Competition – winner!


Thank you so much to all those who took part in our competition to win a custom illustrated house portrait, also the lovely people who supported the competition on social media with retweets and shares. It means a lot!
So without further ado we’re very happy to announce the winner of a 10 x 12″ portrait is Deborah Harding – congratulations!
For those who didn’t win, stay tuned as there will be other competition opportunities in the coming months.
If you’d like to …