Illustrating Royal Mail’s Olympic stamps

I’m a huge fan of Lara Harwood, so was very excited to see her taking part in the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival this year. She was one of 2 illustrators talking about their designs for the 2012 Olympic stamp collections, commissioned by the Royal Mail.
The art director, David Hillman, described the challenges of working small scale; designs must be precise, concise and simply put across what each sport means. Not to mention …

‘Poster Art 150’ at the London Transport Museum

The London Underground has a great tradition in graphic design and has been commissioning poster art since the 1920’s. A selection of the best is currently on display at the Transport Museum, Covent Garden.

Horace Taylor’s ‘Summer Sales’ is a striking image, with patterned textiles and fashionable figures in a strong triangular composition. Bold flat shapes make up the illustration, and close inspection shows grainy, graphite-like shading around the figures, giving them a drop shadow effect.

I love …

‘Illustrating Books’ at The British Library

The Folio Society held a fascinating event last week at the British Library, where 3 illustrators talked about the work processes behind visualising a story.
First up was Peter Bailey who created beautiful illustrations for one of my favourite story collections of all time – His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Since many readers have a strong vision for these books, Peter tried to create an atmosphere or environment for the illustrations, not focussing on individual characters. He wanted to …