My lIfe as an artist-Illustrator by Tommy Penton

‘Pleased to meet’ is an interview feature and begins here with Tommy Penton, a London based illustrator and painter. He’s best known for creating intricate pictures of city scenes, which are fluid, fun and full of life. Hi Tommy!
The most important thing to know about you is..
I’m unbearable first thing in the morning, and don’t do anything before 11am.
What are you working on right now?
Putting a new book together, similar to the book Tate to Tate but …

Illustrating Royal Mail’s Olympic stamps

I’m a huge fan of Lara Harwood, so was very excited to see her taking part in the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival this year. She was one of 2 illustrators talking about their designs for the 2012 Olympic stamp collections, commissioned by the Royal Mail.
The art director, David Hillman, described the challenges of working small scale; designs must be precise, concise and simply put across what each sport means. Not to mention …

‘Poster Art 150’ at the London Transport Museum

The London Underground has a great tradition in graphic design and has been commissioning poster art since the 1920’s. A selection of the best is currently on display at the Transport Museum, Covent Garden.

Horace Taylor’s ‘Summer Sales’ is a striking image, with patterned textiles and fashionable figures in a strong triangular composition. Bold flat shapes make up the illustration, and close inspection shows grainy, graphite-like shading around the figures, giving them a drop shadow effect.

I love …

‘Illustrating Books’ at The British Library

The Folio Society held a fascinating event last week at the British Library, where 3 illustrators talked about the work processes behind visualising a story.
First up was Peter Bailey who created beautiful illustrations for one of my favourite story collections of all time – His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Since many readers have a strong vision for these books, Peter tried to create an atmosphere or environment for the illustrations, not focussing on individual characters. He wanted to …