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Welcome to a stationery design company in the making! I'm Michelle, designer, illustrator and all round (excited) newbie to the small business world.

DIY Marbled Notebook


Last week I showed you how to make some beautiful marbled paper, and now here’s a super easy technique for making a DIY marbled notebook.
All you need is:

A budget price notebook, any size
Scissors, cutting blade and cutting mat (or wooden board, to protect your work surface)
Tracing paper. Kitchen greaseproof paper also works fine if you don’t have tracing paper.
Marbled sheets of paper, made using this tutorial


1. Open out the notebook to the centre pages and remove …

DIY Paper Marbling – kit and technique


DIY paper marbling is great fun, and easy to do at home on your kitchen table. You’ll need to make an investment with a few key pieces of kit which can feel expensive. But it’ll set you up for lots of future sessions and after the first go, you will no doubt want to do more!
Here’s a list what you need to get started, including links of where to buy the more unusual items:

Methocel – available from specialist food shops such as

Autumn leaves screensaver


While walking in the park this morning, I was treated to a beautiful display of leaves gently falling from the trees. It was like golden confetti.
To capture that moment and hold it for a while, here’s a screensaver for your desktop and phone. Click on each gadget to download the image.
x Michelle